(DP) Support Tip: Future of python and pgAdmin4 within Data Protector on Windows.


The Data Protector (DP) Windows Cell Manager (CM) directory structure includes python.
For example if you change directory on a Windows DP 10.91 (and earlier versions) Cell Manager to
<driveletter>:\Program Files\OmniBack\idb\pgAdmin4\venv\Scripts
and run `python.exe –version`
it gives…. “Python 3.6.5”

Support for Python 3.6.5 ends in December 2021.

What is the future with respect to python in Data Protector?

We ship python as part of the PostgreSQL pgadmin4 tools.
It was included for use on rare occasions to help troubleshoot the PostgreSQL IDB.
DP functionality does not require pgAdmin4.

If the pgAdmin4 tool and Python is not needed or wanted it can be uninstalled/deleted.
To remove pgadmin4 tool (and therefore Python) delete the folder "<driveletter>\Program Files\OmniBack\idb\pgAdmin4"
Future DP versions on Windows will no longer include pgAdmin4... OCTCR19Q1398156.

If you need pgAdmin3 or pgAdmin4 for your Data Protector 10 version it can be downloaded from
pgAdmin3 would be the version to use for Data Protector up to version 10.60
pgAdmin4 would be the version to use for Data Protector version 10.70 and later.

Many thanks to Scorpio_CZ for sharing this information.


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