Data Protector delivers high performance backups for IT service provider FIS-ASP


 Full-service IT provider FIS-ASP guarantees 24/7 system availability to its clients resulting in a cumulative 10,000 backup sessions each day and a monthly data backup volume of more than 3 Petabytes. To meet specific SLA requirements and - if necessary - retrieve and restore client data, the company chose Micro Focus Data Protector as its backup and disaster recovery solution. FIS-ASP also uses Micro Focus Premium Support which provides a dedicated Named Support Engineer to rapidly resolve issues and provide unique insight into upcoming Data Protector features.

Crucial for FIS-ASP clients, Data Protector maintains same-level performance during backups and offers the advantage of native application integration for all client database systems, including SAP. FIS-ASP’s Data Protector instance is virtualized so that backups can easily switch between data center locations without interrupting service. Though FIS-ASP clients rarely experience data loss in their production systems, in one recent case a client accidentally deleted customer bank details from their production system and the FIS-ASP team was able to recover the data in only minutes.

Data Protector is also FIS-ASP’s last line of defense against ransomware. Running the solution on Linux is an advantage as most attacks tend to be aimed at Windows systems and backup snapshots aren’t stored on client systems which can be corrupted. Looking forward, FIS- ASP also counts on continuing Data Protector innovations for ever more performant and flexible backup solutions.

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Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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