Support Tip: “Internal error: DbaXXXX functions" when launching DP GUI after product upgrade to version 11.00 or 11.01


When you upgrade a DP Cell Manager with an impacted version (10.60 to 10.91) that has “OCTUS19Q861574_1060-1091_20210811” hotfix applied to 11.00 or 11.01, the Data Protector GUI fails to launch. This is because the GUI cannot connect to the Cell Manager post the upgrade.


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If the Data Protector Cell Manager with version 10.60 (2019.12) to 10.91 has the “OCTUS19Q861574_1060-1091_20210811” hotfix applied, then the following errors display when upgrading this Cell Manager to either version 11.00 or version 11.01:

•    In the upgrade log: “Encryption of users credentials failed”.
•    On launching the Data Protector GUI: “Internal error: DbaXXXX functions”.

Impacted versions

Following versions of DP are impacted if the Cell Manager is installed with hotfix “OCTUS19Q861574_1060-1091_20210811” before the upgrade:

Data Protector version 10.60 (2019.12)
Data Protector version 10.70 (2020.05)
Data Protector version 10.80 (2020.08)
Data Protector version 10.90 (2020.11)
Data Protector version 10.91 (2021.02)


The hot fix “OCTUS19Q861574_1060-1091_20210811” modifies the IDB schema such that it is incompatible for an upgrade to 11.00 or 11.01.


To fix this issue, please contact Micro Focus support for a hotfix. Apply the hotfix before you upgrade Data Protector to version 11.00 or 11.01.

Access support article here

Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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