Support Tip: Oracle Cluster backup failed



  • Data Protector version: 11.00
  • OS on Cell Manager: Windows Server 2019
  • OS on Oracle Nodes : Windows Server 2016


After upgrade to Data Protector 11.00, we get the following error
[Major] From: "spec"  Time: 20.02.2022 20:32:15
    Query incomplete/failed (Internal error: Invalid Dba function parameters specified.)


When Data Protector was upgraded , the cluster oracle server, which is constantly “active”, and therefore this happens. We have orasbt.dll which is the Data Protector SBT library, which was consumed by the cluster itself, so even after we upgraded the library was still “in use” therefore was not upgraded, and from there the issues started to occur. You had SBT Library to be a process of 10.80 and the rest of the binaries are DP 11, and with this kind of “mismatch” you get the query error.


  • Uninstall Data Protector on both nodes
  • Reboot both nodes
  • Install Data Protector on both nodes
  • Integrated the cluster with the Cell Manager
  • Run the backup

Find support article here

Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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