Support Tip: Files to keep for Cell Server recovery


There are several ways to recover from a disaster when your cell server is going down. Whatever the plan is, always think about it and preferably, also test it "before" the disaster occurs!

Here are some recommendations for files to regularly (e.g. together with each IDB backup) copy somewhere separately in a safe place, so you have them available when a disaster occurs.

  • media.log (ProgramData\OmniBack\log\server or /var/opt/omni/log/server)
  • obrindex.dat (ProgramData\OmniBack\server\db80\logfiles\rlog or /etc/opt/omni/server/db80/logfiles/rlog)
  • Export of Encryption keys
  • ssconfig and sscertificates

Please note that the certificates are never automatically backed up for security reasons. Similarly it will be your responsibility to keep the copies in a safe place.

Exporting the encryption keys can be done with:

omnikeytool -export <filename> -all [-password Password]

This is exporting the keys to ProgramData\OmniBack\Config\Server\export\keys\<filename> or /etc/opt/omni/server/export/keys/<filename>

More infomation about the above command can be found in its manual page.

Koen Verbelen
Micro Focus Customer Care Specialist
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