Webinar June 23, 2022: Real-time Media Analysis: Watch AI Transform Your Workflow Intelligence


June 23, 2022

11 am EDT

Presented by

David Humphrey, WW Director Product Management and CTO, IDOL and ControlPoint, Micro Focus

About this talk

Micro Focus analytics technology helps law enforcement agencies work smarter. They get precise results from real-time analysis to help save lives and solve crimes. See how Micro Focus IDOL can help you, too, by enabling access to business-critical data at the speed and scale you need, empowering time-critical decision-making. Want to know more? Join our webinar and listen as our product management expert presents a 60-minute walkthrough of the power and potential of unstructured data analytics. Highlights include how the Micro Focus platform: • Unlocks business-critical data using artificial intelligence and machine learning. • Analyzes video, speech, and text data for real-time brand and reputation protection. • Securely searches disparate systems to map PII and protect proprietary data. • Unlocks crucial data for real-time analytics and redaction.


Raquel Winkler
Micro Focus Community Manager
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