Support Tip: Drive status in the GUI (Striped, Yellow)



What's the meaning of a Yellow colored Drive icon in the GUI? And what if the icon is striped?


A yellow icon means the drive has been disabled automatically after a defined number of unknown errors. The number is configurable through the following global parameter:

# SmDeviceErrorThreshold=MaxNumberOfUnknownErrors

# default: 5
# SmDeviceErrorThreshold >0  is  used  by  session  managers  to
# define the  upper limit  of unknown device errors.  The device
# will be disabled when number of unknown device errors  reaches
# specified value. All other values will disable functionality.

Obviously, event logs should be verified to understand what the root cause has been.

The easiest way to re-enable the device is by disabling and enabling the device from the GUI or CLI (omnimm). Another way is to use omnidownload, edit the device specification and remove the "ERROR_COUNT" line and upload (modify) the specification again with the omniupload command.

The striped icon will apear when the device has been disabled manually (GUI or CLI). In that case the device specification (received with omnidownload) would show a "-disbable" identifier.

Koen Verbelen
Micro Focus Customer Care Specialist
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