Support Tip: Use OB2BMASTATISTICS to get device performance information.


The environment parameter OB2BMASTATISTICS can be set in omnirc.

On Windows this file is found in ProgramData\OmniBack. If it is not there then there should be a omnirc.tmpl which can be copied to omnirc. Make sure there's no extension (like .txt) added to the file name. On *UX platforms the file will be in /opt/omni and it is a hidden file .omnirc (display with ls -la).

The following values can be set to OB2BMASTATISTICS:

  • 0: Feature is turned off (default)
  • 1: Statistics will be logged into bmastat.log (in DP's log directory)
  • 2: Statistics will be logged into bmastat.log as well as in the session report.

Also debugs will contain the info when the feature is turned on (OB2BMASTATISTICS>0) and debugs are created.

The location of the log directory is ProgramData\OmniBack on Windows and /var/opt/omni on *UX.


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