Support Tip: "uma" standalone usage for library robotics control


"Uma" is the Media Agent used for robotic control and the abbreviation stands for "Utility Media Agent" or "Universal Media Agent" or .... I believe nobody is really 100% sure about the origin of the name.

Anyway, did you know that agents can be run standalone and that in case of the uma this is a handy way of controlling the library robotics from CLI (Command Line Interface)? Executing "uma -help" will show the syntax and all possible options. However, for usage with a SCSI tape library the following will usually be used. Note that "scsi3:0:0:0" is the path to the library robotics (get this from the GUI or with omnidownload -list_libraries -detail).

C:\Users\Administrator>uma -ioctl scsi3:0:0:0 -barcode
*** PROGRAM: UMA VERSION: Micro Focus Data Protector Micro Focus Data Protector A.10.60: UMA, internal build 154, built on 6 December, 2019, 9:44 PM

*** Ac Copyright 2019 Micro Focus or one of its affiliates.
*** License is restricted for use with licensed
*** Micro Focus Data Protector products.


Note the prompt showing the robotics path while running uma. Now type "help" to get the list of operation commands that can be used within uma.

scsi3:0:0:0> help
        inq                      read SCSI inquiry data
        res                      reserve ioctl device
        rel                      release ioctl device
        init                     init element status
        addr                     read element addresses
        offl <drive>             put drive off-line
        sense                    read sense data
        modesense [page]         read mode sense data
        pos <slot>               position element
        move <from> <to> [0|1]   move element
        stat {[<slot>|D|T|X|S]}  read element status
        test                     test unit ready
        doorlock [1|0]           locking or unlocking library door
        bye, exit, quit          terminate program execution


The most popular commands are: stat and move. "Stat" can be used on a specific element, on a specific element type or if used without additional argument then it will show all library elements:

scsi3:0:0:0> stat D1
        480 D1   Full   "V8HTYH6H" "" from S16
scsi3:0:0:0> stat D
        480 D1   Full   "V8HTYH6H" "" from S16
        481 D2   Empty  "" ""
        482 D3   Empty  "" ""
        483 D4   Empty  "" ""
scsi3:0:0:0> stat
Element Status (T=Transport, X=Im/Export, D=Drive, S=Storage):
          0 T1   Empty  "" ""

        448 X1   Empty  "" ""

        480 D1   Full   "V8HTYH6H" "" from S16
        481 D2   Empty  "" ""
        482 D3   Empty  "" ""
        483 D4   Empty  "" ""

         32 S1   Full   "V8HTYH62" ""
         33 S2   Full   "V8HTYH63" ""
         34 S3   Full   "V8HTYH64" ""
         35 S4   Full   "V8HTYH65" ""
         36 S5   Full   "V8HTYH66" ""
         37 S6   Full   "V8HTYH67" ""
         38 S7   Full   "V8HTYH68" ""
         39 S8   Full   "V8HTYH69" ""
         40 S9   Full   "V8HTYH6A" ""
         41 S10  Full   "V8HTYH6U" ""
         42 S11  Full   "V8HTYH6C" ""
         43 S12  Full   "V8HTYH6D" ""
         44 S13  Full   "V8HTYH6E" ""
         45 S14  Full   "V8HTYH6F" ""
         46 S15  Full   "V8HTYH6G" ""
         47 S16  Empty  "" ""
         48 S17  Full   "V8HTYH6I" ""
         49 S18  Full   "V8HTYH6J" ""
         50 S19  Full   "V8HTYH6V" ""
         51 S20  Full   "V8HTYH6W" ""

The "move" command allows to move tapes between elements:

scsi3:0:0:0> stat D1 S16
        480 D1   Full   "V8HTYH6H" "" from S16
         47 S16  Empty  "" ""
scsi3:0:0:0> move D1 S16
scsi3:0:0:0> stat D1 S16
        480 D1   Empty  "" ""
         47 S16  Full   "V8HTYH6H" ""

The utility can be left with the "bye" command:

scsi3:0:0:0> bye



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