Micro Focus Universe Data Protector sessions now available on demand!


If you weren’t able to join us, now you can learn about Micro Focus solutions at your own pace. Click the blue “Register Now” button to access Universe 2021 On Demand.

This year we have had three dedicated Data Protector tracks:

  • Secure Data Protection – Why Critical Applications Need It: We understand ransomware is an increasing concern to many businesses. We will demonstrate why deep application back up integration is key to restoring mission-critical application data quickly and efficiently.
  • Keeping Businesses Running – Recovery from Cloud and Local Data Storage: Learn about how Data Protector integrates different cloud vendors, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS Glacier, Ceph, and Scality
  • Data Protector in Action – Secure Backup and Fast Recovery: in this session we will cover some best practices and recommendations.

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Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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