Micro Focus Data Protector – Good to know: Summary of the most relevant links



Micro Focus Data Protector – Good to know

Data Protector at Micro Focus web page

Data Protector simplifies and standardize data protection across physical, virtual and cloud environments with an adaptive architecture. Information, including evaluation software and support matrices can be found at Website.




Data Protector at Practitioner Portal

The practitioner portal provides a single point of knowledge for all the required information around Data Protector solution. More information is available at the following link: Website.




Data Protector at Market Place

This is your source for all apps, add-ons, extensions, and training related to Micro Focus products; the market place also provides information about partner services capabilities. More information is available in the Website.



Trial Licenses

Micro Focus Data Protector trial licenses provides:

  • Access to Data Protector Premium
  • Access to all features and functionality for 90 days
  • Access to Backup Navigator
  • Access to technical experts
  • Access to install training video
  • No capacity limit

Partners/customers could request a trial license in the following link.



INTL webinars

Join us for the webinar series and learn more about the latest innovations in Data Protector. It includes current trends and developments around data protection, data backup, and recovery. Additionally we will provide insight into the future. Our experts are there to answer any question you may have. Register for one or more of the webinars.




Operating instructions, manuals

Data Protector information is now consolidated under the Practitioner Portal for the latest versions (DP 10.03 onwards). Inside it you could find Release notes, Support matrices, upgrade procedures, Installation guides, etc.

Previous versions could be found at Support webpage.



New Versions and Patches

New versions are a fully featured Media Kit and therefore currently not available in the Software Support Portal for download. You can download it from Software Licenses and Downloads Portal after logging in using a Micro Focus account credentials. A valid Support Subscription ID must be associated with their account.


Support information

Additional option and information about Micro Focus support could be found at Micro Focus Business Support webpage.







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