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We are in process of resolving an issue (amicably, I’m happy to say) regarding apparent non-compliance with support agreement terms.  To help others avoid any similar issue, may I draw attention to the current Micro Focus Business Support Agreement at (especially point 6 - “. . . all licenses . . .installed . . .”)
Users should also be aware that the command “omnicc -check_licenses -detail”, which is sometimes used to count licences configured and licences installed, sometimes undercounts configured licences (it counts installed licences correctly).    If other things go wrong, this may result in an undercharge for support, and (following a licence audit) an accusation of non-compliance, with potentially complicated and expensive consequences.
Be aware . . .

I should add - if you are trying to reduce support charges because some of your licences are not used, you must delete the unused licences (and remove the modules from the clients). If certain types of licences are not required at all, you can delete the lines from the license file; to reduce the number of licenses of any type you will need a new license key - contact Support team. After the changes, restart DP services on the CM.


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