(DP) Support Tip: Set protection explicitly for replicated objects



When replicating B2D objects, the default for "Protection" and "Catalog protection" is "Same as source". These are two flags in the options which are checked in the GUI by default. However, it is good practice to uncheck them and explicitly specify the needed protection on the destination (replicated) objects in case of a replication.

The reason for this is that the source objects may be listed with a specific protection in the Internal DataBase (IDB), while the protection which is written on the media itself may be different. This will be the case if the protection has been changed 'after' the original media have been written; changed to something different than what was set when the media were written during the backup or copy session. As the replication is happening on the hardware side, the original source protection will be replicated too and will be used for importing the new media. Hence the import of the replicated media may happen with a different protection than what's currently seen as the protection on the source media.

The important point to understand here is that "Same as source" means "Same as the original protection on the source" rather than "same as the current protection on the source seen in the IDB". Note that this issue only occurs with hardware replications, not with a regular object copy.

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