Video: Data Protector Client Tagging Demo


Data Protector is a backup and restore software that offers several features and benefits:

1. Scalable and Highly Flexible Architecture: Data Protector can be used in environments ranging from a single system to thousands of systems on several sites. It supports advanced backup concepts, such as synthetic backup and disk staging.

2. Easy Central Administration: Data Protector allows you to administer your complete backup environment from a single system. It also provides a command-line interface (CLI) for managing Data Protector using scripts.

3. High-Performance Backup: Data Protector enables you to perform backup to several hundred backup devices simultaneously. It supports high-end devices in very large libraries.

4. Data Security: Data Protector lets you encrypt your backups to enhance the security of your data. It offers two data encryption techniques: software-based and drive-based.

5. Secure Communications: All communications between the Cell Manager and the client are secured by default in Data Protector.

6. Supporting Mixed Environments: Data Protector supports mixed environments, making it easy to install for such environments.

7. High-Availability Support: Data Protector provides high availability support, ensuring that your data is always accessible.

8. Backup Object Operations: Data Protector supports various backup object operations, providing flexibility in how you manage your backups.

9. Automated or Unattended Operation: Data Protector can operate in an automated or unattended mode, reducing the need for manual intervention. These features and benefits make Data Protector a comprehensive solution for backup and restore needs in enterprise-wide and distributed environments.


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