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[CMX/C10] Update the Wording for the C10 Device Setup Wizard

Status: Under Consideration

I work for a rather large user of CMX (Soon to be C10). Our workforce is very distributed with most staff working outside the office.  When it is time for a new PC (A few thousand get exchanged every month),the new PC is shipped to the users home for them to migrate to the new device at their leisure.  A customized off the shelf application is use to migrate PC to PC or Mac to Mac etc. and after that Connected gets pushed and installed.  

Our issue is that approximately 40% of the time users rather than taking the default and migrating the backup from their old PC to the new one, they create a new backup device.  This is an issue for us for several reasons.  Increased costs to backup that data to a new device, more effort is required to discover backup devices that are actually live and have stopped backing up, more help desk tickets when users want to restore something and do not know which computer to select to restore from.  (I wish the Web App made it clearer that files cannot be restored from one device to another).

To reduce the number of users setting Connected incorrectly on their new device (PC or Mac) we would like to propose a wording change to the Agent Device Setup Wizard.

Our Proposal is below.

Suggestion for the CMX (C10) Device Setup Wizard wording:
Select how to configure this computer:
  • As a primary computer (a new primary computer or reinstallation on an existing primary computer)
    I want to transfer an existing primary computer backup account to this computer.

  • As a secondary or additional computer
    I want to create a new backup account for this computer that is separate from my primary computer backup. 
For reference, this is the current wording:
If any have better suggestions, I would love to see them.
The goal is to reduce confusion for the end users when the get new PC's.
Thank You