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TRIM Connector - Master Location Clarification


I have tested the TRIM Connector by connecting DEV and UAT TRIM 9.3 from CP and everything works well, The below is the quick summary of the steps.

1) Create Repository by using TRIM Connector in CP

2) Created\mapped the master Location as TRIM Connector Repo.
3) IDOL Index - Record by using Date Registered from date range [ Chosen the "Create Notifications for the CFS Connector" ] and Reindex completed.

4) I have verified my CMRepo - Analysed and the Total count tally as per reindex Range.

5) ReAnalyse the Test File repository and go to "Duplicates by Location" and can see the CMRepo[File count] as location and my File repository [ File count].

6) Verified the File repository file content [ For the document that already available in TRIM as a Master location ] in CP > Properties > Master Location" it shows the record URI belongs to TRIM as Master.

Now, I have repeated the same above steps now by using Prod TRIM connector and everything seems normal. But, I dont find any "Duplicates by Location" as TRIM Repo and I thought may be no file has been available in TRIM and only available in legacy File repository.

But, I just downloaded one file from my Prod TRIMCMRepo in CP and place\paste inside my Test File Repo and Re-Scan and Re-Analyse. Now, If I go to my TestFileRepository , it should show the "Duplicates by Location" as I deleiberately copied one file, but none. Not sure what is missing ?

Note: I never created the Origin, TargetLocation for ProdCM Repository as I will do it if I want to capture Records in CM once Analysis completed only. The Origin, TargetLocation, I created and tested during my DEV and UAT TRIMConnetcor.

Any input will be appreciated.

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