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ControlPoint SQL Server - Number of CPU's


Currently, we have 4 CPU's in our Controlpoint SQL Server , the ControlPoint injestion purchased for 25TB and based on performance metrics by our DBA proposing  [ revising ] to 2 CPU's 

Any recommendations or impact due to this? I am going through ControlPoint Support Matrix and install guide and unable to find the recommendation on the cpu'S?

Any Advice \ Suggestions?



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    Hi Kuth,

    We don't normally specify the number of CPUs but we do mention 16 cores.

    In the ControlPoint_5.9.0_DBConversion.pdf  an example SQL Server system is listed as:

    CPU 2x Intel Xeon E5 2660 @ 2.20GHz, Hyperthreading Enabled (Total: 16 core/32 thread)
    RAM 128G DDR3 (SQL permitted to use 124G)
    System Disk 1x 450G HDD
    Tempdb Disk 7x 900G 2x HDD RAID0
    Database Disk 3x 1500G SSD

    So 2 CPUs should be fine as long as you have 16 cores.
    The most important factors for overall ingestion performance are memory, fast disks and multiple discrete files for the database files.


  • Thanks Colin, Noted with thx. We need to upgrade ControlPoint as we are approaching CM10.* [ Either CM 10.0 with Patch2 or CM10.1 if it releases on Mid May as Microfocus confirmed ] , then upgrade to 5.9 and still we are on 5.8. Any timeline as End of support for 5.8 at the moment and I believe it is too early. 

  • Hi. CP 5.8 is planned end of support in Jan 2023. Regards. J-Mi