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Link back to original on File share

Hi All,

Fairly new to ControlPoint and I want to have a policy that will remove duplicates from a file share and leave a link back to the original document that is kept on the file share.

Can anyone let me know if this is possible.


  • Hi Daniel,

    There are a couple of options available.

    The file system connector supports:

    - Declare with link shortcut
    - Secure with link shortcut

    Declare with link shortcut
    This copies the file to the destination target and leaves an icon in CP.
    You cannot view file in CP.
    In the actual fileshare the file is replaced by a shortcut link which will only work if you have CM client installed and configured.

    Secure with link shortcut
    This copies the file into the destination target and then deletes the file from CP.
    In the actual fileshare the file is replaced by a shortcut link which will only work if you have CM client installed and configured.

    The link shortcut option is placing a direct copy of the file in the target location and then creating a URL based link in the source.

    By default you cannot open the URL based link until you have configured this option in the Content Manager Client:
    On the CP Server open the CM client, select Administration > System Options > Web Server
    Enter the web client URL (e.g. http://<CMserver>/ContentManager) and select the URL Format "Content Manager Web Client", then OK.

    Then try opening the shortcut directly from the source share and it should work.

    NOTE: You cannot open shortcuts from within CP.


  • Hi Colin,

    Thanks for the above information although I don't think I have explained what I'm trying to do clearly enough.

    So lets say if I 3 documents in various folders on a file share called Doc A, Doc B & Doc C, I want to be able say Doc A is the original document to be kept and remove Doc B & Doc C from their folder locations and leave a shortcut to point to Doc A in their place. Is this something that is possible with control point?

  • Hi Daniel,

    Unfortunately what you are requesting is not possible.

    You can use ControlPoint to identify an original master file and any duplicates.
    It is also possible to apply policy to dispose of the duplicates if desired, however you cannot leave behind a link shortcut if you do this.
    Also any link shortcut created as detailed in my previous reply can only point back to the file you applied policy to and not some other file.