How do I configure the SharePoint Remote Connector to only crawl Files and List Item Attachments


The content in SharePoint is organized in the following structure.











The IndexSites, IndexLists, and IndexFolders connector cfg settings specify whether to index a metadata-only document for each container object (highlighted in yellow above).

To prevent these metadata-only container objects from being indexed, set these to False in the [FetchTasks] section or directly in the repository Task section. The list items or files that they contain are still indexed though.



The screenshot below shows some List Items in my SharePoint repository when I don’t have IndexLists=false (this setting defaults to True if not in your cfg file)










If I add IndexLists=false then these will not be indexed. However, as mentioned above, List Items will still be indexed (highlighted in the screenshot below)



List Items are just metadata in SharePoint. List Items can have attachments, and these will be of value to you, but the actual List Items are not binary documents and so you will be unable to perform any actions on them, nor would you want to. If you want to ignore List Items but index their Attachments then you will need to add some custom lua to your configuration.

I have created a file called ExcludeListItems.lua with the following content:

function handler(config,document,params)

local docPath = document:getFieldValue("TYPE")
if docPath == "LISTITEM" then
return false

return true

Drop the lua file into your SharePoint Remote Connector working directory (\Program Files\Micro Focus\ControlPoint\Indexer\SharePoint Remote Connector\).
Before you scan a new repository, you will need to edit the task section by updating the IngestActions to include the LUA:

IngestActions=META:CPREPOSITORYTYPEID=9,META:SecurityType=SharePointSecurity,META:AUTN_CATEGORIZE=false,META:AUTN_EDUCTION=true, LUA:ExcludeListItems.lua

With this lua and the IndexSites, IndexLists, and IndexFolders settings in place, only SharePoint Files and List Item Attachments will be indexed.




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  • If you indicate IndexFolders=True, could you apply policy to the folder and have the same actions applied to the files contained within? 

    We often have end users that want to tag at the folder level, but this adds some overhead to utilize a Category to locate all the files below that folder level path. Other groups look to make a Subset from a folder level, which also drives us to use Categories. We are looking to enable end users with the most option to use the folder browsing view they may know best.