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StoreXltd has released a new version of its ControlPoint Ingestion monitoring software utility. 

This utility is currently being used by a number of UK ControlPoint customers.

We are providing the utility "free-of-charge" to any ControlPoint customer. ( Please send us an e-mail and we will provide you with a link to download the software).

New features include;

1. Ability to set an individual scan interval for each Connector, Framework or Metastore.

CP Monitor Scan Interval.PNG

2.  By hovering over the "Processing"  label displays the items which are being processed and the associated action linked with these tasks i.e. (Ops - ADDS, Ops - REMOVE...)

CP Monitor Ingestion items.PNG

3. The ability to view in real-time the end of the selected Connector, Framework or MetaStore logfile.

CP Monitor component logfile.PNG




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  • Hello Peter, I'm afraid that this is out of our control as StoreXltd is a separate company. You may have to open a support case on their site/portal. I hope that they will help and provide you with the software needed!

    Caroline Oest

    OpenText Community Manager
    Although I am an OpenText employee, I am speaking for myself and not for OpenText.
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