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ControlPoint 5.x


ControlPointTempLocation folder is filling up available drive space. What removes these files and can we clear this location out manually?


CollectCleaner phase in policy execution runs every 24 hours to clear out ControlPointTempLocation.
This is configured by the Autonomy.ControlPoint.CollectCleanupTime setting in the ControlPoint.dbo.CPGlobalSettings SQL table. Restarting the ControlPoint Engine service will also force the CollectCleaner phase to be executed so you could use that to attempt a manual cleandown.

If you find there are still items lingering in ControlPointTemplLocation then you could remove the older files that were generated some time ago that have no relevance to the current policy execution being performed.

Use a DOS command or similar to list all files in all subdirectories in order of date inside the ControlPointTempLocation folder.

dir /OD /S

You can redirect the output to a file for reference:

dir /OD /S >c:\temp\list.log

Then use this list to identify and remove the old legacy folders/files that have not been removed by the cleanup process.

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