Support Tip: Troubleshooting adding repositories via Command Line Tool in ControlPoint



ControlPoint 5.x


I am experiencing some problems trying to add repositories when using the command line utility shipped with ControlPoint. Can you offer some guidance on how to troubleshoot?


Use the ControlPoint User Interface to test adding the same repository and confirm if that works. If you encounter any errors then refer to the dashboard errors.log for more details on the source of the error:
Program Files\Micro Focus\ControlPoint\Dashboard\Logs\errors.log

It can also be beneficial to:

Check the connector is correctly published to the Distributed Connector & Active:

Stop the connector
Clear actions folder
Clear logs folder
deleting connector*.db file associated with repository
Ensure task section has no duplicate entries
Ensure task section is manually updated with correct entries for specific repository e.g. Sharepoint Online
Start the connector
Re-scan repository with CP UI and review synchronize.log

Don't forget that if you make any change to repository from the CP UI, it may overwrite manual changes in the connector task section so always check.

Once ingestion is working you can then try using the command line utility if desired.

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