Support Tip: Are multiple connectors preferable in ControlPoint?


ControlPoint 5.9


Is it best to use multiple connectors in ControlPoint when ingesting from multiple file shares?


You can re-use the same connector for multiple fileshares however having multiple filesystem connectors will provide faster ingestion performance. Typically if introducing multiple connectors then it is preferable to have each on its own dedicated box along with its own metastore. This is only beneficial up to a max of about 5 metastores. You could have several connectors on one machine going through the same metastore.

The deploy tool will let you generate the individual connectors but only ever generate the initial default metastore. Refer to See ControlPoint 5.9 Install Guide Chapter 5 page 37-43 for details on how to introduce additional metastores if you want to do that.

The key benefit of having connectors on separate machines with their own metastore service is you can have more of them active at once without degrading the performance.

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