Support Tip: Unable to add, edit or re-scan repositories in ControlPoint


Details of a known issue when installing or upgrading to ControlPoint 5.9.4 or 5.9.5.


ControlPoint 5.9.4, 5.9.5


We recently upgraded from CP 5.8 to CP 5.9.4.

Since then they have been experiencing problems trying to add, edit or rescan repositories.

For example we are getting this error when we try to re-scan an existing repository:

index request cannot be actioned at present as the connector is not running or has returned an error 

The dashboard error.log contained the following error:

The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "MetaStore_IngestionActivity_FK_RepositoryId". The conflict occurred in database "ControlPointMetaStore", table "Metadata.Repository", column 'Id'. The statement has been terminated.-Error whilst calling re-index.


This is a known issue OCTIM57C72033 caused by changes introduced in CP 5.9.4 with regard to Delete Orphaned Documents. It is also present in CP 5.9.5. It can impact either a freshly installed system or an upgraded system.

A SQL script is available from Support to resolve this issue. Please quote OCTIM57C72033.

Find support article here



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