Support Tip: Connector reporting Send error: ACI error: Cannot Connect



ControlPoint 5.9+


We are using ControlPoint to ingest from a file share using the File System Connector.

The synchronize.log shows the following error has started to occur:
Send error: ACI error: Cannot Connect.


The File System Connector Framwork had stopped which was then causing the Connector to report the above error.

Reviewing the Connector Framework  showed that it could not locate an eduction 'resource file'.
This typically occurs when you have enabled eduction for a repository which will update the framework cfg with grammar details, but you have not restarted the framework to pickup up these changes.
Hence it reports it can't find the eduction resource because the entries written contain the name and location of the resource file.
Repeated errors logged many times could lead to a small memory leak which overtime may cause the framework to eventually crash.


To correct this issue:

Stop the following services:
File System Connector
File System Connector Framework

Cleared out the action and logs folders for all 3 components
Deleted the connector_<repositoryname>_datastore.db for the repository you created in the connector folder.

Start the following services:
File System Connector Framework
File System Connector

Use the ControlPoint UI to double check repository settings.
Then commence a re-scan.
Monitor connector & framework logs to ensure there are no more errors.

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