Support Tip: Does ControlPoint report what files failed to be processed by the Connector Framwork


ControlPoint 5.x


In ControlPoint, items that could not be opened during ingestion represent risk. How can I get more details on the files that failed to be processed?


Any documents that failed to be processed will be displayed as a Does ControlPoint report what files failed to be processed by the Connector Framwork ( in the SUMMARY screen for the analysed repository. Please note that sub-items that have failed to be processed will not be displayed here.

For a full list of files (parent and sub-items) that failed to be processed, you can run the following SQL command:

SELECT *  FROM [ControlPointMetaStore].[Metadata].[Document]
WHERE DocKey in
(SELECT DocKey FROM [ControlPointMetaStore].[ControlPointMetadata].[Additional]
WHERE importErrorCode is not NULL)

ControlPoint will capture the ImportErrorCode for any files that fail to be processed. This can be seen in the Advanced Properties of the file and is stored in the [ControlPointMetaStore].[ControlPointMetadata].[Additional] SQL table. By default the ImportErrorDescription field is not captured.

In ControlPoint the ImportErrorCode value maps to the following Potential Risk groups:

<Set Name="Password Protected" Value="8" />
<Set Name="Unsupported File Type" Value="7,11,12,13" />
<Set Name="Unexpected Error" Value="1,2,3,4,5,6,14,15,16,17,18,19" />
<Set Name="No Recoverable Content" Value="10" />

The ImportErrorDescription for each ImportErrorCode is listed below:

1 - KVERR_DLLNotFound - DLL or shared library not found
2 - KVERR_OutOfCore - memory allocation failure
3 - KVERR_processCancelled - fpContinue() returns FALSE
4 - KVERR_badInputStream - Invalid/corrupt input stream
5 - KVERR_badOutputType - Invalid output type requested  
6 - KVERR_General - General error
7 - KVERR_FormatNotSupported - Format not supported 
8 - KVERR_PasswordProtected - File is Password Protected
9 - KVERR_ADSNotFound - Adobe Document Server not found
10 - KVERR_AutoDetFail - Autodetect error  
11 - KVERR_AutoDetNoFormat - Unable to detect file format
12 - KVERR_ReaderInitError - Error initializing the reader 
13 - KVERR_NoReader - No reader available for this format
14 - KVERR_CreateOutputFileFailed - Unable to create output file
15 - KVERR_CreateTempFileFailed - Unable to create temp file
16 - KVERR_ErrorWritingToOutputFile - Error writing to output file
17 - KVERR_CreateProcessFailed - Error creating a child process
18 - KVERR_WaitForChildFailed - Wait for child process failed
19 - KVERR_ChildTimeOut - Child process hung / timed out

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