Support Tip: Why are some files types I excluded still being ingested by ControlPoint?


ControlPoint 5.x


I am ingesting some data and have setup repository ingestion to analyze sub items and exclude files of type DLL from ingestion.

Afterwards I used this SQL to check if any DLL files had been ingested into Metastore for my specific repository:

SELECT * FROM [ControlPointMetaStore].[Metadata].[Document]
where repositoryid=??? and FileExtension='dll'

where I get the repository ID from this query:
SELECT * FROM [ControlPointMetaStore].[Metadata].[Repository]

This showed some DLL files had still been ingested. Can you explain why?


File exclusions in ControlPoint only apply to parent files and not sub items. So if you ingest a container file such as a ZIP or MSG that contains a DLL and you have selected analyze sub items the DLL file exclusion will not apply to the DLL file inside the container file which is why it still gets ingested.

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