Support Tip: Downloaded new version of a Connector and it fails to start.


ControlPoint 5.9.x


I have downloaded a new version of the Connector but it is failing to start.
When trying to run the Connector .exe directly from the Command Prompt, the following error is reported:

EXCEPTION: Failed to create class Autonomy.Connector.Internal.Connector [Err: 0x80131515], 
CLSID: {527D67EC-0FF4-49C0-B7CA-5461E716FD5F}Resolution

The error suggests the binary files are blocked. 

Right click on each of the Connector binary files (.exe and .dll) and open Properties.
On the General tab within the Properties window there will be an Unblock button if the file is blocked.
Click the Unblock button and then the Apply button to unblock the file.

After all files have been unblocked try starting the Connector service again.

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