Support Tip: Should I enable Advanced IDOL Distribution in ControlPoint


ControlPoint 5.9.x 


The CP 5.9 documentation suggests that Advanced IDOL Mode is recommended and is enabled by default. Can I continue to use the Basic IDOL distribution?


Micro Focus now acknowledge that for the vast majority of ControlPoint customers it is not necessary to move to using advanced IDOL mode. This configuration was specifically intended for very large environments to leverage more branches of IDOL to distribute the workload more efficiently. This means replacing child proxies in the topology with standalone DAH-DIH pairs to handle the query/indexing traffic down the tree. This in turn requires additional planning, installation, and resources because the optimum configuration is more complex to setup.

Also, ControlPoint customers wishing to upgrade to Advanced IDOL mode need to perform additional steps and change their architecture to gain the real benefits. We therefore concluded that customers should be given the option to continue to use their existing systems without enforcing the need to use Advanced IDOL mode. This is because only the very largest systems would benefit from this new mode and small to medium sized systems are better suited to continue use IDOL Basic Distribution which is simpler & less expensive to setup.

Therefore, from version 5.9.1 onwards the ControlPoint installer was changed to not enable Advanced IDOL mode by default.

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