Support Tip: Searching is returning docs that are not present in Metastore



ControlPoint 5.x


I am performing searches in ControlPoint and getting documents returned which I cannot access Advanced Properties for because there is no metadata in SQL Server for these documents.


This situation occurred due to outages in one or more content engines where they got out of sync with Metastore. At the time it was not possible to restore backups of both Metastore and IDOL to the same consistent state. This leads to some docs missing in Metastore that still have entries in IDOL which then get returned in searches.


Currently none of the tasks or jobs (Deleted Orphaned Documents, Metadata Consistency Checker & SQL maintenance job) shipped with ControlPoint cope with removing orphaned docs from just IDOL.

To resolve this issue if you don't have a consistent backup to recover from you need to use IDOL State Tokens:

A state token is an array of DocID values.

Use a query to return docs in IDOL that do not belong to any of your repositories.
This example checks for any docs that don't belong to repositories called Share1, Share2 or Share3:


Carefully review the output to ensure you have not missed any repository names in the list of repositories to check for. If the only docs listed in the output do not belong to any repositories then you can proceed.

Store the results of the query in a state token:


This will output a state token as shown:

Export all files via DREEXPORTIDX with this state token so you have them available for reference.


Then use the same State Token in conjunction with DREDELETEDOC Index Action to remove specific docs.

This example deletes the first 5 docs (0-4) identified by state token SHBKTRH1M645-4:


This example deletes all the docs identified by state token SHBKTRH1M645-4:


Additional Information

Refer to latest IDOL Server Guide pages 358-361 for more info on state tokens:



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