Support Tip: Creating and searching for tags in ControlPoint



ControlPoint 5.x


 Is it possible to create a policy that uses tags in its execution rules criteria?


There are 2 types of tags:
1) tags created when ingesting a repository with categorization enabled
2) tags created via a policy

If you use categorization and the doc matches the category then a field in the advanced properties of the doc called CATEGORYTAG will be populated with the category name.

If you assign a tag directly via a policy tag action e.g. MyTagName then the resulting document will have a field in advanced properties called CP_TAGSTRING_MyTagName with the value you assigned.

In both cases you can proceed to search on these tags to trigger other actions or you could use the tag values in an insert configuration to transfer the value to another application such as content manager. So there is a lot of flexibility on what can be done in this area.

Detailed below is an example of how to create a policy tag and then search on it.

Read full support article to learn how to create a policy with a tag action.


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