CP to Export list of items with metadata in a CSV

over 1 year ago

ControlPoint allows the data analysts to export a list of items in a CSV file with the desired associated metadata.

Go to the report, as known as category, in the list of items. Select those you want to export in the list.


Go to ACTIONS and select EXPORT.


You get a CSV file with all items selected.


To customize the columns, go to ADMINISTRATION >>> SETTINGS >>> GENERAL >>> FIELDS >>> ITEMS PROPERTIES.


You can add or remove fields that are exported in the CSV file.



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  • Thanks Colin, It really helps and you are right. I got the exact error message and I can export to excel by using my service account that I used during the setup of configuration manager. I can able to export category results into csv by using my service account.

  • Hi,

    As this discussion will most likely continue, please log a support case and Colin will take it over.



  • Check C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\ControlPoint\Dashboard\Logs\errors.log for an entry with same timestamp as you reproduced category export in UI.

    If you see......

    Message: Error exporting the items - Autonomy.Security.PermissionDeniedException: Permission Denied - Could not execute query as didn't have minimum of view

    There was a known issue CP-6707 reported in earlier releases of CP where export did not work unless you were using the system Administrator account setup using Configuration Manager.

    Focus on the category export for now by changing the criteria to something that does return some results. Even if the search returned wrong results it should not impact the category export which is based on what is displayed and what you decide to select to export.

  • To be add --> The category with Filesize is 0 , the result is what I expect. I mean, I want to create a category by mapping the repository and add the training as field text with FileSize is 0. The result is coming zero byte documents and few other documents greater than zero as well. Is that anything wrong here? thx

  • Thanks Colin. So there may a chance on the Meta data [ Item properties ] mapped problem and causing issue? Because, the same set of metadata, the export is working under ROT or content to be export in CSV\Excel. Is there any specific log[ please specify the path] I can check before log a support case. 

  • Category export in ControlPoint does work in general, however there have been a few cases where specific data being exported caused problems for the export process. If you encountering issues you would be best to log a support case.

  • Hi Jean,

    I am not able to export the results of the Category the way I can do export for the list of items with meta data. Is it expected behavior and we cannot export the results of the category in excel to verify the category training is working as expected.


    For example, I created one category training as Filesize is 0 [ but the result showing some documents more than zero bytes as well. Hence tried to export and not able to. Please advice on this category to check the documents with zero bytes and confirmation on export to csv\excel will work or not? thx in advance

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