Enabling ControlPoint Insert Configuration



ControlPoint allows mapping fields with the target repositories of information. With that, you can send metadata captured by ControlPoint to the target application. For example, you collect social security numbers from documents with entity extraction function; Insert Configuration will allow you to send this value to Content Manager when you do an action to create a record in CM. Insert Configurations are defined in ADMINISTRATION.

Insert Configuration is disabled by default on a new installation.


Go to the scheduler install folder, by default: C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\ControlPoint\Engine\Scheduler.

Edit the configuration file ControlPointTimer.exe.config.

Look for…

<add key=”InsertConfigEnabled” value=”false” />

Change it to…

<add key=”InsertConfigEnabled” value=”true” />

A restart of the ControlPoint Engine service is needed to pick up the change.

Note: To map field with Content Manager you can have a look at this post.


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    Thanks Keith, Noted. Hope it will be part of 5.10 release.




    This is not currently possible.

    It was raised recently by another customer and the following Enhancement Request was created, which may be considered for a future release:

    CP-11018 - Enhancement to edit the default display fields in the Repository Contents screen





    Hi keith,

    Probably different topic, but not able to create new thread and asking here. 

    Can we able to customize or add new column to show in the ControlPoint Contents Display as Last Accesed?

    Currently , it is whowing Title, Last Modified, Size, tags and policies. it will be good to display the Last Accesed as well and I could not find any configuration to add \ update this. 


    Hi Erik,

    You need to map from a MetaStore field into CM. As AU_DOCUMENT_KEYWORDS_STRING  is an IDOL field it will not work. There is a process to add additional MetaStore fields (during ingestion) by mapping from IDOL fields. Please see the steps in the following Knowledge Doc 

    As an example, for the AU_DOCUMENT_KEYWORDS_STRING field, you would need to perform the following:

    1 - Add a new column to the ControlPointMetadata.Additional table to support the capture of the AU_DOCUMENT_KEYWORDS_STRING string value by running the following SQL:

    USE ControlPointMetaStore
    ALTER TABLE ControlPointMetadata.Additional
    ADD DocumentKeywords NVARCHAR(255) NULL ---you can call the MetaStore field whatever you like. Can match the source IDOL field if it suits

    2. Configure AU_DOCUMENT_KEYWORDS_STRING data mapping using the MetaStore.MapField stored procedure by running the following SQL:

    USE ControlPointMetaStore
    EXEC MetaStore.MapField
    @TargetTable = 'ControlPointMetadata.Additional',
    @TargetColumn = 'DocumentKeywords ',
    @TargetTransform = 'ToString'

    3. Refresh document ingest, import and update sequences to support the newly captured AU_DOCUMENT_EDITOR_STRING field in MetaStore by running the following SQL:

    USE ControlPointMetaStore
    EXEC MetaStore.ConfigureAddDocument
    EXEC MetaStore.ConfigureUpdateDocument
    EXEC ControlPointMetadata.ConfigureImportDocument

    4. Restart the "ControlPoint Metastore" service to utilize the refreshed sequences.

    Note: The steps above will ensure that the new MetaStore field will be captured for new document files being ingested. Existing data however will need to be re-ingested in order to capture values for this field.
    I have found that an IIS restart is required before I can see the new field in the Advanced Properties list. Once you are happy the MetaStore field has been created successfully and the values are mapped over to it, then use this MetaStore field to Map to CM.





    I'm finding success in mapping certain CP fields to fields in CM (CPLOCATION or Tags work great). But fields such as AU_DOCUMENT_KEYWORDS_STRING is a field that does not appear to be exported. We also do not see any errors in the process.  It is an IDOL field that is indexed during a Full Content index and pulled from the Tags field in the File property Details. The field does not appear to be ported over to any other field in the Advanced properties.

    Are there fields that cannot be exported from CP, or any specific configuration to get ready to be exported then mapped?