Support Tip: How to target unfiled documents using Filenet connector



ControlPoint 5.x


In situations where the majority of docs reside inside 'Unfiled documents' but some docs also reside inside other folders, how do we ingest all of these docs?


Filenet can store documents in one or more object stores. Each object store can have folders with documents in them and any docs that don't reside inside a folder automatically reside inside 'Unfiled documents'. Each object store has its own 'Unfiled documents' area which is a feature in Filenet.

There is a setting available called IndexUnfiledDocuments.
Create a filenet XML repository that targets 'Unfiled documents' using IndexUnfiledDocuments=True.
When you set this parameter to TRUE, the connector retrieves unfiled documents from all object stores, regardless of the value you set for the ObjectStore parameter.
The connector still tries to ingest from all the other folders as well. It will succeed for the object stores it has access to and fail (access denied) for the ones it does not have access to.
You therefore need to deny access to the other object stores for the account used by the connector in its config for those you don't wish to ingest.

Enhancement request OCTIM57B56325 has been raised to investigate if a new parameter can be introduced to the connector.cfg that can apply filtering to the list of stores when using IndexUnfiledDocuments.
This would mean it would no longer be necessary to deny permission to object stores you don't wish to ingest from.

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