Announcing ControlPoint 5.7


ControlPoint 5.7 is now available. It adds:

IDOL GDPR package integration. Introduced GDPR grammars in IDOL to simplify GDPR compliance to enhance data privacy protection.

Expanded compatibility. ControlPoint is now compatible with the following software: Exchange Online, Exchange 2019, Office 2019, SharePoint 2019, Windows 2019.

NiFi support. ControlPoint now supports IDOL NiFi libraries, which  deploy in Apache NiFi, to provide XML repository ingestion functions. This new support enables a pure UI setup for an ingestion pipeline (no need to update configuration files and restart services) and provides a metadata-only scan for XML repositories.

IDOL performance updates. ControlPoint now has two modes of integration with IDOL. In addition to the existing Default mode, it now provides an Advanced IDOL Distribution mode. This new Advanced IDOL Distribution mode lets you configure a single IDOL database for all content type repositories, which simplifies working with advanced IDOL topologies and results in better IDOL performance.

Integrated analysis with BI tools. ControlPoint now provides an interface that lets you export ControlPoint data to a separate database, and then use third-party Business Intelligence tools to analyze that data to suit your needs.


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