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ControlPoint allows to exclude files when scanning sources. The graphical interface gives the possibility to exclude file extensions. What if I want to exclude a specific file.

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The connector configuration file gives you more granularity in what you can exclude.

Open the connector configuration file (.cfg).

Go to the task section of the repository: e.g. [TaskMyRepository]

Add the PathCantHaveRegex parameter. In the following example, we exclude "thumb.db" files AND all pdf files.


Note that you can have multiple parameters with the number at the end.

Also note that when you use these manual adds in the configuration file, you should not use anymore the field in the graphical interface as this will conflict.

See also the file system connector documentation: https://www.microfocus.com/documentation/idol/IDOL_12_3/FileSystemConnector_12.3_Documentation/Help/index.html#Configuration/TaskName/PathCantHaveRegex.htm


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  • Hi Keith or Colin,

    Exclude a file from scan - > I understand that from the settings as "url and lnk" and these files excluding from the policy execution. Based on the previous explanation "it is because when we apply Shortcut and Archive/Stub policy to items, this is the new extension the items will have in the source repository. Having these extensions excluded will ensure the shortcut/stub policy items have no further policy applied." it makes sense.

    2 questions:

    1) Once we are sure about the particular repositories lnk can delete, then remove from the settings and execute the policy? I mean anytime can add or remove based on our convenence. Hope it is correct.

    2) Few lnks stays in the repository after the policy execution, which is correct due to the exclusion. But, when I clicked the lnk file by directly navigate to the share path and clicked, it is removed. But the document count still shows in CP. I just did rescan [ incremental and full scan ] it never got updaated to zero. Usually, I will take backup of connector_TASK<repository>_datastore.db and force to full scan and it will correct the count. But this time, since it is empty folder fullscan make the database table MetaData also became empty for the particular repository. 

    I am trying to restore the yesterday Database because we need the tracking on each repository? Is there any other table we are mainintaining this Meta Data history? 

  • Thanks Keith, I have raised the support ticket

  • As Keith explained, we are covering a lot of ground on this thread.

    For extensive analysis and support, please raise a support ticket and let us know the number.




  • Hi,

    We are moving off topic from the original 'Exclude a file from scan' topic posted above.

    Please raise a support ticket for your Policy issues and we will investigate this for you.

    Note: removing policy from items in Review Rejected state is currently not possible via the UI. Please request the RemovePolicyFromRejectedDocs.sql script from support.



  • Team,

    Still we can able to assign the Documents to the policy once the Policy Execution rejected by the Approver? I rejected the policy to be dispose and all showing as rejected. 

    Again, When I back to the repository and select the documents and trying to assign to policy, it is not assigning. However, still it is showing the old policy name. Why is that behavior and how to dispose or reassign to policy for the rejected policy items?. 

    Note: Since it is rejected , I am unable to "Remove Policy from an item" as well. I can see the query matches the items reject as well.

    select * from [ControlPointMetadata].[DocumentPolicy] where ExecutionStatusCode='RV-R';

  • Thanks Keith. Will do repository by repository rather than group to figure it out the files belongs to which repository is excluding and why. It is easier for me to narrow down and I will reject all the items from Policy as I set the approver.

    BTW - For the redundant , to dispose any other way you can suggest other than What I mentioned above? thx

  • Does the category associated with the 'Delete with Review' policy have any file type exclusions in the Field Text Training? e. g File Type NOT pdf

    If not, please open a support ticket for this so we can spend more time to investigate.




  • Yes, Keith. I manually select all items from my redundant list [ I did grouping some 10 individual repositories] mapping my Policy with approver. During the policy assignment getting this message as below. Actual duplicate count in my list is "558917". But document assigned to the policy is "558430". So trying to figure what documents excluded and why as I never setup any exclusion in the repository level or policy level. is that any way to check? 

    Redundant_PolicyMapping_Delete With Review.PNG

  • Hi,

    What do you mean by 'when I am trying to map the redundant documents to the policy with approver.'

    Are you just manually applying policy to your redundant data and seeing this error?
    Please confirm the exact steps you are taking to reproduce the error and send a screenshot of the message also.


  • Jean\Team,

    I am getting the message as "The selected set contains file type that have been configured for exclusion from Policy assignment. "[XXX as Policy name] will be assigned to non-exclused file types only " when I am trying to map the redundant documents to the policy with approver. I never updated any where to exclude any file type and May I know the triggering point and what it means? So the documents excluded will remain in the redundant list after dispose once approved? thx