CP temp files location


By default files are written to “%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp”, %WINDIR%\TEMP and also the specific connector framework\temp during the CFS indexing phase.

To prevent these files being written to the above locations:

1) Open FileSystem Connector Framework Connector Framework.cfg file from this location:
Program Files\Micro Focus\ControlPoint\Indexer\FileSystem Connector Framework

2) Locate [ImportService] section
Update ExtractDirectory=Temp to the following:
ExtractDirectory=F:\FileSystem Connector Framework\Temp\ExtractDirectory
where path is a valid location you want to write files instead.

3) Add these two additional entries to same [ImportService] section:
KeyviewTemporaryPath=F:\FileSystem Connector Framework\Temp\Keyview
WorkingDirectory=F:\FileSystem Connector Framework\Temp\WorkingDirectory

4) Create the matching directories on the desired drive e.g.
F:\FileSystem Connector Framework\Temp\ExtractDirectory
F:\FileSystem Connector Framework\Temp\Keyview
F:\FileSystem Connector Framework\Temp\WorkingDirectory

5) Ensure the service account has been granted full control over these folders.

6) A restart of the ControlPoint FileSystem Connector Framework is required to pick up the changes.

7) Once complete, perform a full reindex of the repository.



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