Create CFS notifications to scan Content Manager with ControlPoint


When you scan Content Manager with ControlPoint, don’t forget to activate CFS notifications on Content Manager side.

This populates the TSNOTIFICA table in Content Manager that is used by ControlPoint connector to get the files.


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  • Colin\Jean,

    I am not able to create new thread and hence asking here and it close to relevant. I have configured CFS Notification and working fine. thanks for the Info.

    I have created new policy in CP "Declare items to a Record Repository" and also added the Insert configuration with Notes as property. The policy phase I created as "Declare(Link Shortcut", So the file can move to TRIM and shortcut remain in the legacy share [ File share ] itself. I can see the File is transferred to TRIM and shortcut created along with the  Notes field in TRIM as my File share location based on the Insert configuration mapping. But , my understanding is that , when we click the shortcut[in File share location] it will redirect to the web TRIM client to access. But, it is not happening. I am getting error as "Error 502 URI not available. Any Setup \ settings requires to enable this . Pls advice.  Control Point Redirector service is running fine. 

    File Short cut properties as URL showing like below:

    http://******01:7050/redirecttocontent?autn_group=Content Manager&identifier=PGlkIHM9IkZFVENIVEFTS1MiIHI9InRyaW06VDkvcmVjLzE1NTUyMzEwIi8%2B&config=W0ZldGNoVGFza3NdDQpXb3JrZ3JvdXBTZXJ2ZXI9Q0NPRURNVEkwMQ0KV29ya2dyb3VwU2VydmVyUG9ydD0xMTM3DQpEYXRhYmFzZUlkPVQ5&configsection=FetchTasks


  • Ingestion process involves connector -> connector framework -> metastore.

    Until all of those have completed it is not ingested.

    This is what I would normally check to confirm ingestion has finished:

    Monitor no more activity in these logs:
    connector synchronize.log
    connector framework import.log
    connector framework indexer.log

    Check metastore in progress queues (queued and running) are empty:

    Check IDOL cache flushed to disk
    The final stage of the IDOL indexing process consists of files being written here:
    C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\HP ControlPoint\Indexer\Content\status

    This contains the intermediate files representing the index cache just before it is flushed to disk.

    A DRESYNC will occur automatically overtime to flush the cache to disk so the index is updated.
    You can trigger this to occur manually yourself to speed up the process:



    If activity is still ongoing some may remain in C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\HP ControlPoint\Indexer\Content\status
    The backlog will eventually be cleared as the index cache is written to disk.

    You can also check IDOL and metastore directly via:

    After issuing these commands scroll down to relevant section for repository and check document count.

    IDOL host

    Metastore host

    IDOL indexing status

    Check individual queues in the content engines
    change port number if you have additional content engines to value assigned to Port in ControlPoint Content.cfg.

  • Thanks Colin, One new question . When we change the repository Analyse from meta Data to Content and re-index [ Full ] completes. I can see scanning completed after a time. But when I tried to use IDOL Search or Category by Training documents [ both only work for Content and it is not displaying anything. I mean, the repositories that I changed from Meta Data to Content. The question is that, How I do I know IDOL Indexing process has been completed or in progress in this scenario? I can see "dih_index.log" still keep updating. Will this one of the checkpoint where IDOL indexing still happening ? Please suggest the checkpoint and post check for IDOL Indexing status in progress and completed . Appreciated. 

    Note: The IDOL and Connector services restarted during this switch from Meta data to Content. Thx

  • The specifics of what you need to do to activate CFS notifications vary depending on the release of Content Manager so you would be best to log a call with CM Team mentioning the version of CM you are using.

    For example in the 12.6 version of the CM connector CFS notifications are not even required (although still available) because you can instead introduce a new setting in the Task section of the CM connector.cfg used by ControlPoint to control what you ingest by specifying a CM search instead:



    AddRecordsQuery=registeredOn:03/14/2020 to 03/24/2020

    This would cause files that match that search criteria to be ingested into ControlPoint.

  • Hi Jean,


    Do you have the details or steps requires in Content Manager side before we scan using CP.  Also , the steps for activate CFS notifications on Content Manager side.? thx