Control Center HPeD drenumberqueries.lua

HPE eDiscovery 8.2.22 

Currently the script tests the recent queries to the content engines. 

07/01/2019 13:48:40 [2] Full: Lua script 'scripts/drenumberqueries.lua' service config 'G:/Autonomy/Run/IdolServer/content16/IntrospectContent16.cfg' : There are 40 recent queries.

As the script is set to 1 or greated than 1 then the test will always be red. Is this valid to test to check status of content Engines? Or are our content engines having issues and are not working properly?

Is there a better way to check the status of the content Engines to confirm they are working at optimal performance?

Or is there another forum that cover Control Center solutions?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.