(HPeD) Support Tip: Data Source Details - Exceptions tab

HPeD Exceptions tab
The HPeD Exceptions tab found under data source details will show all documents which were flagged with an exception code during ingestion processing. The exception codes are stored in two different fields: IMPORTERRORCODE and PROCESSINGERRORCODE. The IMPORTERRORCODE field will show all KeyView-specific exceptions, whereas PROCESSINGERRORCODE will show additional processing exceptions that are HPeD-specific.

The Exceptions tab also shows a drop-down of logical groupings of KeyView error codes, such as “Password Protected” and “Processing Error”. These exception groupings, or categories, are stored in the AUN_EXCEPTION_CATEGORY SQL table. You can define a new exception category or group by clicking the Add button on the Summary tab. As an example, the "Password Protected" exception category is by default defined to encompass the following KeyView error codes: 8, 33*.

*= We had to base64-decode the AUN_EXCEPTION_CATEGORY\encodedCriteria column to get these values

KeyView exception codes (stored in the HPeD IMPORTERRORCODE field):
Please see the attached document for a list of these exception codes and their meanings

HPeD exception codes (stored in the PROCESSINGERRORCODE field)
HPeD stores additional exceptions in the PROCESSINGERRORCODE field. These are non-KeyView exceptions added by HPeD during ingestion processing. Please see the attached document for a list of these exception codes and their meanings

•        We have asked the development team to list all possible values for the PROCESSINGERRORCODE field, because it is not documented. The ticket is HOST-5712
•        Note that the PROCESSINGERRORCODE values of 2 and 1001 can mean two different things. We have asked development to comment
•        Documents which have the PROCESSINGERRORCODE field will show up under the Exceptions tab, but as of now, it is not possible to add a custom exception category using this field. The exception categories are limited only to the IMPORTERRORCODE field. We have created an enhancement ticket HOST-5661 to allow using the PROCESSINGERRORCODE field to create custom exception categories