(HPeD) Support Tip: HPeD Image Server Error Message - Configuration error

After sending documents to OCR from HPeD, you may notice that the Image Server finishes the OCR action OK, but the OCR text is not updated for the documents.

Image Server DAH will log the following error message:

14/09/2017 16:46:06 [6] 70-Error: Child engine incorrectly configured - retrieved from asynchronous token does not map to a valid engine in the DAH configuration file. Engine host configuration should be exactly equal to the host returned by the child in a decoded asynchronous token.
14/09/2017 16:46:06 [6] 70-Error: Configuration error

HPeD/JBOSS will log the following error message:

2017-09-14 16:32:54,653 ERROR [WorkManager(2)-70] [com.autonomy.aungate.edd.OcrMDB] Could not get ocr status for document id=51074396
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com.autonomy.aci.client.services.AciServiceException: com.autonomy.aci.client.services.AciErrorException: Configuration error

The root cause for this message is that the HostPortAlias parameter for the configured child Image Server entries in the Image Server DAH configuration file is incorrect.



In the noted example, we need to make sure that the IP is really the IP of the machine imagehost01 and that it hasn't changed since it was last configured.

If the IP has changed, please reflect that in the config, restart the OCR DAH and retry the OCR command from HPeD. Please remember to check all configured child engines