(HPeD) Support Tip: HPeD Native tiffing process outputs images which are completely black

If you tiff documents in HPeD using the Native mode and find that suddenly the images output are completely black, it may be because an unsupported Microsoft security update was applied to the server where HPeD Tiff Server runs

Please check the server for any recent Microsoft KB* updates which may have been applied, paying special attention to .Net Framework and this specific update:

KB4040973 - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4040973

If this update is present on your server, please un-install it and reboot the server. Un-installing the update should resolve this HPeD tiffing issue.

If the issue is not resolved following the un-install, or if this (or similar) update has not been recently applied, please contact support for further troubleshooting

NOTE: If Tiff Server is run interactively (as opposed to 'as a service') then the issue does not occur, and thus this can be used as a workaround.

Furthermore, a feature request (HOST-6123) has been created with our development team to support this .NET Framework configuration in the future. Contact us at any time to check the status of this request