(HPeD) Support Tip: HPeD Production Email Policy


In the HPeD Production Wizard, one is presented with three options under Native Options/Email Policy:

1. Extracted Files
2. MSG Files
3. Repacked Email Containers

What do these mean?


"Extracted files" refers to producing .mail files which HPeD extracts from PSTs or NSFs during ingestion. These .mail files are representations of the original emails and are in HTML, RTF or MHTML format, depending on the origin.

"MSG Files" refers to producing the original .MSG files. This process uses a component called MAPI Server to search inside the source PST and pulls out the original MSG file from it.

"Repacked email containers" refers to producing .PST or .NSF files. This process requires either MAPI Server or NSF Server to be installed, depending on whether the original content is Exchange/PST or Lotus Notes/NSF