(HPeD) Load Files- DAT, LFP, OPT HELP!

Hi- First post, but any help would be really appreciated. 

We use HPeD on mostly native format data. A recent dataset has come in as what I believe is termed a Relativity/Concordance format. The data is in folders named: Images, Text and Natives. Three files are also provided: a DAT, LFP and OPT file.

So we understand the theoretical issue presented, and that the load files should allow us to re-stitch the text data to the image (TIFFS) of the emails, and also join the native attachments in the Native folder. 

But how do we do this? 

We are using HPE eDiscovery 8,.2.22 build 20180306. 

Can anyone point us to some clear guidance? If I've missed anything obvious, please do say and I'll try to post that detail.

Many thanks!

  • Hi Ed, 


    Thank you for posting on the Forum.

    The data that you are talking about is structured data. It is ingested using the Structured Data Loading Server.

    The "Structured Data" option will not be available (when you create the source, under "Type") if the "SDL Server Host" and "SDL Server Port" values are blank in the module's "Server Options" facet.



    Thus, in order to have the "Structured Data" option available, please fill in "SDL Server Host" and "SDL Server Port" boxes with the appropriate host and port values of your SDL Server service.



    Once you have the above set up, you can ingest the source as an SDL Source:

    - dat file contains the metadata for the files you are looking to ingest 

    - opt file contains the links to the TIFF files

    1. Map the .dat file as the Metadata file

    2. Map the .opt file as the Load file (the .dat and .opt file need to have the same name, e.g AMTProd015.dat,MTProd015.dat)



    3. Click on View Mappings, then next Step and map the fields from the .dat file to the fields from MFeD.

    - check also Chapter 8 - Structured Data Loading from the attached document.

    Sorin Boca

  • Sorin

    That is wonderful. Let us work on your steps this end and we'll come back on how it goes. We need one of our IT guys just to advise on a couple of bits, but already we are so enormously grateful and have every confidence you know what you are talking about!

    You wont believe how happy we'll be to crack this!


  •   Following up on this post. Is there a tool or some instruction on how to create the .dat and .opt file from a dir containing the data?



  • Rick, 

    You can create a loadfile from MFeD.

    You need to do the following:

    1. Create a production (native, image, text)

    2. After the production is complete, select Export Loadfile, go through the steps and a loadfile (dat and opt) will be created in the production folder.





  • Sorin so what are the .LFP .LST .DII files? I also noted that in the .dat files the Native path is @filename.pst//path/to/email/mail.eml. Which does not make sense to me as there is no .pst file provided. Any ideas where I should be looking for assitnace?