Filr 23.4 MFA access token refresh errors

New with FIlr 23.4 and Advanced Auth 6.4.2, desktop client will log out after only a few minutes, even if it's not actively syncing anything. Even the web interface is randomly dropping to login page before auto moving on to where I wanted to.  It's definitely tripping on something talking to Advanced Auth MFA server.

I've already opened an SR but they seem confused to root cause as well.  Hoping maybe someone might have some thoughts.

This all worked fine previously including filr 23.3.1 and aauth

time is in sync on both servers.

Logs complain of access token and MFA JWT token expiring.  Anyone else seen this?  I've modified the oauth2 access token and refresh token timeouts but so far nothing has helped

[com.opentext.filr.custom.CustomBearerTokenAuthenticationEntryPoint] - Something went wrong while refreshing the access token. Refresh token might have been expired.

Error occurred while authorizing the MFA JWT access token. Error: An error occurred while attempting to decode the Jwt: Jwt expired at 2023-11-10T17:59:44Z