Retrieving all shares via REST API

Running Filr How do I retrieve a list of all shares via the REST API? I thought rest/admin/share_settings would do it but it is missing some. I am looking for the REST API equivalent of the following in the GUI:


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  • Thanks. Looking through that I made a quick change and came up with:

    SELECT S.sharerid as sharer, P1.title Wer,
    S.sharedentity_id as ID2, F.title as Was,
    S.recipient_id as recipient, P2.title as
    AnWen,comments, daystoexpire, enddate
    FROM public.ss_shareitem as S
    LEFT JOIN public.ss_principals as P1 ON
    S.sharerid =
    LEFT JOIN public.ss_principals as P2 ON
    S.recipient_id =
    LEFT JOIN public.ss_forums as F ON
    S.sharedentity_id =
    WHERE S.sharerid = <Filr User ID>;

    Is there a reason F.title as Was would return NULL for some shares? Even if I change this to F.pathname I still see NULL. What is interesting is that the following SQL command returns NULL. Maybe the file was shared and then removed, removing it from ss_forums but the share remains in ss_shareitem?

    SELECT * FROM "public"."ss_forums" WHERE id = <Share ID returning NULL>;

    The above SELECT returns 9 shared items while the GUI shows 8 shared items for the indicated user.

  • I do not have the right explanation for this because I did not start any investigations. But what happens if shared items do not exist anymore? Ie files or folders have been deleted ...

    Something like this:  Knowledge Document: ERROR: update or delete on table "ss_forums" violates foreign key 

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