Filr 1.1 "get file link" no permission

Fresh Upgrade to Filr 1.1 large deployment, no clusters and only one of each VA. Did not yet upgrade SQL VA. VMware ESXi 5

I get the following message when I try to get a file link with the new desktop client in Windows 7: "You do not have sufficient permissions to perform this action."

I get this error when I try it from our Filr site: "You do not have right to share your selection."

I even gave all internal users all the sharing rights. I did all the prescribed post update tasks, LDAP, re-index etc. Other sharing methods work fine.

Any ideas?
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  • thsundel;2337818 wrote:
    Does it work from webui?

    So you have allowed "Share File Link" under System->Share Settings and under your NF->Rights for this user?


    Ah... You have to set it on all the net folders individually... I can share file link by putting a check by the file then selecting "Share" from the menu bar at the top, but not by clicking the drop down to the right of the file. I still can't "get link" from Filr library documents through desktop client.