Filr 1.1 "get file link" no permission

Fresh Upgrade to Filr 1.1 large deployment, no clusters and only one of each VA. Did not yet upgrade SQL VA. VMware ESXi 5

I get the following message when I try to get a file link with the new desktop client in Windows 7: "You do not have sufficient permissions to perform this action."

I get this error when I try it from our Filr site: "You do not have right to share your selection."

I even gave all internal users all the sharing rights. I did all the prescribed post update tasks, LDAP, re-index etc. Other sharing methods work fine.

Any ideas?
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    mazzel;2340482 wrote:
    And how does one allow users to create file links from their Home Dir's?

    We have allowed our users to share file links under System - Share Settings and allowed this from all our Net Folders.

    Where is the setting to allow it from Home dir's? We still get the "you do not have the rights..."message when we try to generate a file link there.

    On the netfolder where the homedirs are located.