Idea ID: 2780093

Add local folder encryption and remote wipe to Filr local folder in Desktop Clients.

Status: Accepted
Filr stores all files from that it pulls from the users personal storage on the server in unencrypted format in a folder on the Windows or Mac client computer. The users entire Home Directory can end up being cached in completely accessible format.

Full disk encryption is not an option as we plan on allowing users to install the Filr client on home computers and BYOD devices that we have no control over. We don't control the platforms where the users will install the desktop clients.

Extend the Filr client on Mac and Windows to encrypt the local files folder where server files are cached. Require authentication to the Filr server in order to access the local folder. Thus keeping the folder reasonably secure by keeping the data encrypted unless the user authenticates.

Continue to solidify Filr as the Secure Enterprise alternative to DropBox and other "Cloud" storage solutions that do not encrypt their local file store.
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