Idea ID: 2781758

Allow sharing of a folder. Not just files.

Status: Delivered
Allow sharing of folders would allow an external user to upload a new file to a net folder.


  • Filr 3 (which earlier planned to be called Filr 2017) which was shipped yesterday has the capability to share folders inside a net folder.
  • Hi All, Filr's next release 'Filr 2017' with Net Folder sharing is getting ready. Those of you who are interested in seeing how it is implemented, test and provide us feedback: please do consider joining 'Filr 2017' beta program. Here is the link to 'Filr 2017' beta program:
  • In schools we frequently have to share files to different agencies on a permanent basis. If we could have the ability to grant even read only access to a folder within our net folder and generate a link as files work right now that would be awesome. An example would be we need to share a policies folder with our police department. We don't want to have an entire list of folders under guest access because that is a really messy way IMO of making a folder public. If we can simply e-mail them a link to the folder and they can distribute it to the appropriate parties without having to login that would be a very beneficial feature. I think back in filr infancy that "Make Public" (link) and "Guest Access" (list) got blended together when they really are two very different things.
  • Thanks Mark, I know we can share files inside net folders. What we need is to share folders that are into Net Folders, and on Filr 1.X I enabled the sharing.netFolders.allowed=true parameter in /opt/novell/filr/apache-tomcat/webapps/ssf/WEB-INF/classes/config/ as stated above. That allowed me to do that. In version 2 this parameter is not working, I am asking if there is a similar way to enable this in v2.0 (although I know it is not recommended by Novell) Thank you!
  • What about sharing a folder inside a Net Folder? To us it is more important to be able to share a folder inside a Net Folder than the Net Folder itself. Please advise. Thanks!